Solar Thermal Panels

Why not let the sun heat your hot water?

If you use a cylinder to heat your water, then solar thermal panels could well be the best solution for you! GSR Heating can provide you with an excellent system that will maximise hot water production for your home using daylight. The Government has recently released a generous income stream paying you depending on how many occupants reside at the property and the size of the system installed (see our funding and incentives for more details). Flat panel systems can be mounted ?on roof? in a similar fashion as solar PV, or ?in roof?, much like a Velux window. Both are made up of a frame which is insulated, then pipes designed to super conduct heat are laid over the insulation, sealed in and covered with a light efficient, self-cleaning glass called a ?collector?. Evacuated Tube systems use a number of tubes in a panel called ?absorbers?. These glass tubes oscillate at a microscopic level and get very hot very quickly when they are exposed to sunlight. Heat conductive pipes are laid under the tubes and the base of the collector is insulated, so that the heat is drawn into the system. There is not usually an ?in roof? option for Evacuated Tubes.

In both systems, GSR will install a twin coil hot water cylinder which will generally have a much higher water capacity than your existing cylinder. The pipes from the collectors on the roof run through a pump station, to the bottom coil of your new solar cylinder heating all of your hot water during the day. The reason for the larger cylinder is so that enough water is heated and stored for night time use, with enough over for the morning for early risers. The British climate dictates that in winter months an alternative heat source will be required as a ?top up? to the already raised temperature in the cylinder. It is estimated that 65-70% of all your hot water needs will be provided by a properly installed, well designed and manufactured Solar Thermal system.

Reduce your energy bills and the impact on the environment by using the free green energy of light from the sun! The system will work in temperatures as low as - 30 degrees so will have no trouble operating even in our coldest winters. Once your system is installed you immediately start to save on hot water costs, and your carbon footprint is reduced, solar hot water is a renewable heating system and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. All renewables attract only 5% VAT and need very low maintenance every 3-5 years.


Life expectancy for these systems will be in the region of 30 years. They are guaranteed for 10years. All our workmanship is also guaranteed for 10 years through The renewable Energy Guarantee Agency.REIGA. As with a PV system, there is also a financial incentive for installing solar thermal, though it is packaged in a different way. Households with a solar thermal system can benefit from the government?s new RHI renewable heat incentive, payments being based on the size of the system and residential occupancy and paid over a seven year period from installation (see our incentives and funding page).