Heating Controls


Heating controls are ideal for people who are looking to have heating comfort right at their fingertips. GSR are able to install a range of intelligent home heating controls that will ensure you have full control over your heating system. A range of control features are available depending on your requirements and the system installed.

Central heating timers


Ideal for homes in which a degree of automation is required to save time for the homeowners. A timer could be used to lower the heating of the home during the night, turning the heating up in time for waking in the morning.

Analogue room thermostats


Analogue thermostats are used for homes that only require basic levels of heating and hot water control. It allows the homeowner to manually adjust the temperature of both the home and the hot water in accordance with their own preference; it will ensure that the temperature is maintained at a constant level until the homeowner decides to make another change. There is nothing automated about the process, the user maintains full control over the system.

Digital room thermostats


Digital thermostats offer a degree of automation that allows them to adjust according to different conditions, should it be required. A digital thermostat will take extra measures to modulate a boiler’s output to ensure that a constant room temperature is being kept and will adjust itself accordingly should the overall temperature change. Generally, they provide more options for the homeowner and are extremely easy to install. They only require a low voltage connection to whichever boiler is being used.

Thermostatic radiator valves


Thermostatic radiator valves enable the temperature to be controlled from room to room for individual comfort. They also have built in frost protection for rooms that do not need to be heated at all times. Enables room temperature setting to be set for the whole house and lower temperature in other rooms.

Gravity conversion


Older heating systems may have a gravity feed system. This means that the only temperature control for the hot water is the boiler thermostat, leading to the radiator temperature being either too low, to make sure the tap water doesn’t scald, or the tap water is very hot so that the radiators heat adequately. There have been additional controls added to help with this in the past, but they are unreliable and inaccurate and would require conversion.

Our qualified heating surveyors will be able to fully explain the technical adjustments that will be needed in order to convert a gravity system.

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