There are several types of boiler currently available, our expert surveyors and installers are able to provide a professional service from survey to installation. Our aim is to ensure that you have the boiler best suited to your property, sized correctly to give you maximum efficiency, control and comfort for your home.

All our heating surveyors and technical installers are approved, qualified and accredited to the appropriate governing body. We will ensure also that local building regulations are applied for where necessary.

Boiler Types

A common myth is that condensing boilers are only available in a combi system. This is not the case as they are also available as a regular or system option. The differences between regular, system or combi boilers are shown below.

Regular condensing boiler

A regular condensing boiler is compatible with all fuel types and is the most common type of boiler available. In most cases it can be installed with the least alteration to the existing system and is often a direct replacement of a conventional boiler. It will use the existing pipework (with the exception of a gas supply), the cold tanks in the loft and hot water cylinder providing it is well insulated and has the correct controls. If the current system is gravity fed, it would need to be updated with new controls for safety, efficiency and controllability.


System condensing boiler

System boilers are also available for use with all fuel types and can use the existing cylinder if it is modern and well insulated. The small tank in the loft and the existing heating pump are removed, creating a sealed heating system which is more efficient, saving energy and using less water. Alternatively the cylinder can be replaced with an unvented cylinder and all tanks can be removed in the loft creating a fully sealed system. This means that hot water would be provided to all the taps in the house at equal pressure. This makes it an excellent system for properties with multiple bathrooms.


Combination condensing boiler

Combination boilers are very powerful and use mains cold pressure through the boiler, which is heated through a heat exchanger. It provides a sealed heating system and mains pressure hot water. It is an excellent option for smaller properties with a single bathroom because the water supply and pressure are shared between the hot taps in the house, unlike the system boiler which provides all the taps at equal pressure. It is not possible to size a combi for the heat demand of the property; this is because for the heat exchanger to heat the water a lot of power is required. The boiler is sized according to the flow and pressure of the incoming water supply.


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