Air Source Heat Pumps

As part of its renewable energy range of products GSR Heating is able to also offer Air Source Heat Pumps. Our highly qualified and accredited surveyors are able to give you all the advice you need to help you choose the correct product to meet your needs. Heat pumps come in various sizes so a full survey will be required taking into account the type of existing heating, the insulation of the floor, walls, and ceiling. Measurements of windows and doors must be taken along with the aspect of the property, height above sea level, the height of the rooms and room sizes. This is crucial to sizing the heat pump correctly for your home to gain maximum efficiency from the heat pump once installed.

Kingspan Aeromax HeatPumps Diagram

An Air Source Heat Pump is a unit that looks very much like an air conditioning unit, but actually uses reverse refrigeration. The Air Source Heat Pump draws latent solar heat from the air, even when the temperature drops as low as -15 and -20 degrees there is plenty of useful heat in the air around the unit. This latent heat is drawn into the Air Source Heat Pump via a fan, the refrigerant in the pump then super heats, and in turn heats the water to your heating and hot water via pipes. This pump works best with underfloor heating, but radiators sized around 30% larger than normal or triple panel radiators will work. To get the best from an Air Source Heat Pump, as with a Ground Source Heat Pump, the property should be well insulated. Heat pumps are a highly efficient method of heating, taking a unit of your electricity supply and outputting 3 units of available energy, meaning that an air source heat pump in a well-insulated home will be 300% efficient.

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Planning permission is not normally required for an air source heat pump as these are now part of permitted development, however it may still be required in areas of outstanding natural beauty or conservation areas. Heat pumps are usually very quiet but you should consider neighbours when positioning the pump. At GSR Heating we have great news to share with you! The government have released the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) which will pay you just for installing a heat pump in your home. See our funding page for details. As heat pumps use electricity you may want to consider Solar PV to further reduce the running costs. You can claim both the RHI and the FIT (Feed in Tariff) please see our solar page for more information. FIT payments for Solar PV are paid for 20 years and are index linked. RHI payments are made for 7 years but to be able to claim a Green Deal Advice report is required. Contact GSR today 01432 357967 or fill in the form on our contacts page for a free survey and quotation!

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